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Shrinking pools, stratified water marks etched into the landscape, dehydrated water bodies collecting in isolated pockets, and the enriched colours of hyper-saline waters bordering terracotta planes serve as a powerful source of inspiration for the WATERLINE series. One element of the brilliance of Giles' work is in the extraordinary detail and ambiguity of scale, microscopy or aerial photographs. The work explores the changing state of liquids, finding beauty in the patterns, and concentrations of colours and textures, isolated by retreating water.

“Finding beauty in the patterns, and concentrations of colours and textures, isolated by retreating water,” Giles Revell. 

Much of the work of Giles Revell (born 1965, London, UK) revolves around exploring where art and science overlap and photographing it with exquisite attention to detail and a painterly mastery of light. Giles' photographs capture natural processes and illuminate and transform the subject and the aesthete, by celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary; enabling new ways of seeing and thinking. His work is displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum in London.

Language: English 
Pages: 24
Size: 148 × 105mm (A6)

Publisher: Frost*publishing
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