Design Your Life by Vince Frost*

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Design plays an essential role in our daily lives. You don't have to be a designer to design your life. But it doesn't hurt to have some professional help.

It took designer Vince Frost* more than 25 years as a professional to appreciate the power of the design process as a means for improving his life. 'If my design process brings value to me, perhaps it can bring value to others. Or, more radically, bring others to recognise their own value.'

This book will not solve your problems. You have to do that yourself. But this book will inspire you to work  better at living better.

Cover, design and illustrations by Vince Frost*.
Dust jacket folds out to an A1 poster featuring text from Max Ehramann’s Desiderata, 1927. 
Published by Penguin Australia Pty. Ltd.

Pages: 242
Size 25× 200 × 25mm
ISBN: 978-1-921383-87-8 (hardback)